How To: Build an infrared night vision device

Build an infrared night vision device

Check out this instructional video and learn how to build an infrared night vision device from a modified digital camera. You'll be able to see and record in night vision. For detailed, step-by-step instructions on replicating this hack at home, take a look at this how-to video. Build your own infrared camera with this simple hack.

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that song is from Oblivion dude.

I want to do this ...but I want to choose a good camera...can you give me a specific model number or an exact feature that I can search for to ensure I get the right one?

i tried this exactly how you said and the only thing the camera saw was what i saw with my own eyes, dim red light!

You have to take out the infrared filter in the camera, which will make the camera useless for regular use

I don't think this works if you are using a LED flashlight. There are infrared LED flashlights that you can buy for pretty cheap and they show up quite well on modified cameras, or ones with night mode. Basically all that to say that I think this project is totally dependent on the light being really bright and coming from a light source that has all wavelengths of visible and invisible light. I suppose you could make something similar with a typical house light...might be interesting.

You can take your camera apart and remove the IR Filter from the lens assembly. Just like Pat (above) said you can also buy an IR Flashlight for relatively cheap, which will yield better results. You can do the same thing with a webcam by taking it apart and removing the IR Filter. Digital cameras use a photo sensor to "see", which is why they need an IR Filter. You can test your camera by pointing your TV Controller at it and press a button.

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where do you get the sulafane?

u can get it for like a dollar at your nearest art place

isn't it just possible to bypass the IR filter with that film trick that usually works on camcorders?

this doesnt works.... my camera saw jst a glimpse of brightness.... tat i saw with my naked eyes......

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