How To: Build an electronic stash box with an Altoids tin

Build an electronic stash box with an Altoids tin

Want a safe place to hide your stash? Here's how to build a miniature electronic safe out of an Altoids tin and a Hallmark musical greeting card.

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i feel that if someone is stealing something from you ... they would first check to see if your still there before they take your cash, and if your not there... well... the only purpose of this box would have, would be playing some getaway music for the theif.

lol ya i don't get it either

ok thise goes for my pesty sister


LAME! (but the guy is REALLY HOT!!!)


I like it!!!!! I think I'll try it!!! Thanx Jake!! And

the funny thing is,my stash box is in my pocket.and its an altoids tin.and i have 10 dollars in it.and a condom.LOL

Now you can play your girl elevator music while she waits for you to get your condom on and for when she is waiting for you to pay her her sex money.

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