How To: Build an eco-friendly directional WiFi antenna

Build an eco-friendly directional WiFi antenna

Learn how to build an environmentally friendly directional WiFi antenna with this simple video guide. To follow along at home, you'll need the following things: a copper wedge, an N-type connector, some screws, a clamp-on N plug, a pigtail, and a wireless card. You'll also need a drill, screwdriver, and soldering iron. For comprehensive, step-by-step instructions on hacking your own directional WiFi antenna from a tin can, watch this video tutorial.

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excellent video as state of the art and secondly for your knowledge and the application of it to extend the WiFi signal.

thanks, not only educational but extremely nice video!

great educational video. building a directional WIFI antenna using these simple tools will be fun. I'll try it!

i really like the ideas on here and i think affordale too thanks you genius people

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