How To: Build a blubberbot

Build a blubberbot

This video is a quick overview of the construction of a Blubberbot, an artificial "life form" that uses electronic sensors to seek out lights, sound, or cell phone signals.

Blubberbots are typically sold with instructions, which should be used for detailed instructions. But in short, the following steps are used:

(*) Solder resisters, capacitors, transistors, and chips to the Printed Circuit Board (PCB).
(*) Install motor drivers to allow the Blubberbot to propel itself.
(*) Plug the external sensors into the PCB, which will allow the bot to correct its course.
(*) Install and attach the helium-inflated balloon, allowing the bot to float in mid-air.
(*) Turn on the bot, and let it loose indoors, and watch it take on a life of its own!

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