How To: Build a basic circuit with LED lights and resistors

Build a basic circuit with LED lights and resistors

If you want an electrical circuit to send power to an object, like a light, you're going to need resistors. This video, part of an excellent series on basic electronics by Scotty, will teach you how to make a circuit with resistors and an LED light, a real function piece of electronics.

(1) Part 1 of 2 - How to Build a basic circuit with LED lights and resistors, (2) Part 2 of 2 - How to Build a basic circuit with LED lights and resistors

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Quote: "Basically, if you don't know what you're measuring, start at the lowest value and move your way up."
That's a good way to pop your meter's fuse at the very least (if it's protected by a fuse). At the worst, (no fuse) you could very well fry your meter. ALWAYS start on the high side if testing an unknown and work your way down untill you get a reading. Basic Electricity Shop 101.

Hi Matt,

Thank you for bringing this up. I do know what you are talking about, but I felt that going the reverse would make ohms easier to read on the multimeter for someone new, but after reading you comment I do agree with you. I will not remake the video, I will put a clip at the beginning of this one explaining how it should be done. These are a lot of work, and are unscripted so are not perfect in content or format. Of course, I will make corrections when pointed out. Maybe you should think about producing your own video tutorials. I would look forward to watching them.


I just logged in via facebook to say thank you very much!. This was a great guide. I had learnt a lot about electronics but never the basic aspects of it. This has answered several questions i had.

Thanks again!

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