How To: Add Bluetooth Capability to Corded Over-Ear Headphones for Wireless Listening

Add Bluetooth Capability to Corded Over-Ear Headphones for Wireless Listening

Headphone cords are one of those things we all deal with because it beats the alternative (no music). But they can be so obnoxious—they're always getting caught on things, and they seem to be perpetually tangled. If you have ear buds, you can make a simple a cord container to keep them organized, but over-ear headphones are a little more tricky.

Wireless headphones are great because you get the best of both worlds, but they can get pretty pricey. Tony Hoang (aka Carnivore), a member of DragonDevs, wanted Bluetooth capability in his over-ear headphones, but didn't want to pay for a new pair. So, he modded his old pair to add Bluetooth while still retaining the wired functionality.

Here's what Tony used:

  • 1 GOgroove BlueGate Bluetooth Adapter
  • 1 tactile button
  • 1 N-type power female adapter
  • 1 N-type power male adapter

He decided to wire the Bluetooth output parallel to the original 3.5mm jack. First, he added a power switch and charging port for the Bluetooth module, then modified the ear cushion so they wouldn't be blocked.

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He had to use a Dremel to make a little more space for the Bluetooth module. Once everything was in place, he wired the charging, sound, and power button wires, then put everything inside the headphones and stuffed them with cotton balls to prevent sound leakage.

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That's it. It's a pretty quick and simple project if you have some experience with wiring. If you're interested in trying out the mod for yourself, you can find more details and photos over on DragonDevs.

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