Forum Thread: How to Facilitate Network Attack by Owning the Router?

Hi, everyone!

I've started to study some Kali Linux attacks on my own network for educational purposes. I went down that road learning step by step as I advance in the attack, starting by gathering the WiFi Password (breaking the handshake using aircrack-ng).

Once I've entered the network, I've tried to use the Armitage to exploit any device in the network (there was only my attacking computer and two mobiles-android). DB Nmap didn't work very well, and coundn't even determine the OS, so the Armitage didn't give me any attack possibilities. I've tried Nmap alone with different options, and I could only see some ports, but all of then were marked as "filtered".

To continue my attack-learning, I've supposed that I could access my router. I've tried to put one of the hosts as DMZ, but nothing changed.

Finally, my question is: Is there a way to facilitate the attack by having total access to the router's network? Is there a explorable breach?

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